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Communications Program

Communications Program

Effective communication is critical to achieving the goals of the BDJV.  Communication helps raise awareness, build partnerships, and develop
financial and political support for black duck conservation.  The goal of the BDJV Communications Program is to coordinate the sharing and
transfer of information among entities involved or interested in the conservation of black ducks. 


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Strategic Plan

The Black Duck Joint Venture (BDJV) is an international partnership formed under the North American Waterfowl Management Plan.
It was initiated in 1989 to coordinate a cooperative monitoring, research, and communications program to ensure the future sustainability
of black ducks and other waterfowl species in eastern North America.  The purpose of the BDJV Strategic Plan is to describe the history,
mission, and structure of the BDJV and identify the goals and objectives of the joint venture over the 5-year planning horizon 2008—2013. 
Included in the strategic plan are four program-specific (i.e., population monitoring, research, communications, and evaluation) implementation
plans that identify specific objectives, tasks, and schedules to ensure the joint venture makes progress in achieving its goals under the
North American Waterfowl Management Plan.  The strategic plan will be revised every 5-years to provide a contemporary vision of the mission,
goals and objectives of the BDJV.  The program-specific implementation plans will be reviewed annually and revised as necessary to reflect
progress in addressing information and management needs related to the conservation of the American black duck.

Strategic Plan:2008 (French Version)

Conservation Action Plan

-American Black Duck Conservation Plan, First Edition

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- Focal Species Program: American Black Duck

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